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Van Hattem Vlees BV guarantees quality

Dodewaard-based Van Hattem Vlees BV boasts over 20 years of experience in the food industry, running in-house beef and lamb purchasing, processing, and sales operations. Its recently modernised slaughterhouse in the town of Dodewaard in the Netherlands' Betuwe region employs 70 people.

We specialise in slaughtering and processing luxury meats. Growing up amidst meat traders has shaped general manager Ben van Hattem's preference for quality livestock. To sell and exude quality is his aim. Van Hattem Vlees BV slaughters between 500 and 600 cows a week, exactly the volume that allows us to guarantee quality. Our company is the largest processor of luxury fattened cows in this segment.

Besides cows, our slaughterhouse also processes between 400 and 500 lambs and between 1000 and 1500 goats. The latter group is primarily intended for export. Over the years, Van Hattem Vlees BV has built an extensive network of fatstock farmers, mainly in the Netherlands, so that the best meat can be selected at source, from the livestock. This way of working also allows Van Hattem Vlees BV to monitor animal welfare and sustainability, such as food miles.

Van Hattem Vlees BV exports meat to various European countries. However, most of our meats go to the central butchers of retail organisations, wholesalers, butcher's shops for the hospitality industry, and individual butchers.

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